A Saturday in the Life of a Tiny Troops Soccer Coach

Ever wonder what a Saturday in the life of a Tiny Troops Soccer coach is like? Saturday sessions at Tiny Troops Soccer are a blast, but a lot goes on behind the scenes to prepare for a morning of Saturday sessions. Parents see coaches smiling and ready to greet them as they enter the field…

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Getting Comfortable on the Field

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At Tiny Troops Soccer, we serve children ages 2-5. So when I began coaching at Tiny Troops, I knew I would likely be many children’s first coach. However, I didn’t fully grasp that I may be the first adult to give directions to children.  Every child responds differently to new activities and situations. Parents are…

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4 Characteristics of a Great Soccer Coach

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Being a soccer coach is more than having practice plans and a cool polo shirt. Yes, those are important. Think about most of the coaches you  may have had throughout your life. Maybe it was a coach in soccer or another sport, a dance teacher, or an art director. They had characteristics that enhanced your…

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Healthy Snacks – 4 Great Options for Your Family

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Getting little ones to eat something can be hard enough, let alone something healthy. Here at Tiny Troops Soccer, we know all too well the battle of “one more bite.” That’s why we decided to collaborate with our team to share our TOP FOUR favorite healthy snacks for kids (and adults!). Use these sweet and…

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Craft Time: Traveling Letter

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These days, toddlers and preschoolers often experience loved ones being far away or deployed. It can be very hard for them to understand why they can’t see this person, or why they are away. This craft is a cute way to send a thoughtful reminder to those loved ones to always remind them they are…

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My First Soccer Practice

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Picture this: I’m five years old and I have a new soccer uniform – including new cleats and shin guards. I even have a new soccer ball! I’ve been talking about soccer practice all week. Practice day comes and I’m geared up ready to go. My Dad drives me to the field and we park.…

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