6 Ways Tiny Troops Soccer Benefits Your Child

6 ways Tiny Troops Soccer benefits your child

Are you looking for the right sports program for your child? Have you tried other programs only to walk away disappointed?

At Tiny Troops Soccer, your child will fall in love with playing, being outdoors, and the great game of soccer! 

Our program is the best fit for your child.

We are staffed with individuals who want your child to feel so LOVED, so WELCOMED, and, if we’re honest, so TIRED by the time we’re done! A lot of us are parents just like you. We are also parents who are forever worried if we’re doing the RIGHT thing. Are we feeding our child the RIGHT foods? Are we doing the RIGHT activities? The list goes on and on. But, we’re always striving to do the BEST for our kids.

Tiny Troops was developed by our Director (a mom of THREE boys!) to fill the need for physical activity and socialization for both herself and her son. You know that to do the right thing for your kids, you must also take care of yourself. Tiny Troops Soccer is here for both our players and their families. Our classes focus on soccer skills, gross motor development, listening skills, AND socialization! 

6 ways Tiny Troops Soccer benefits your child on and OFF the field: 

  1. Above-the-bar Coaching Staff – Although most of our coaching staff has extensive playing, coaching, and/or referring experience, what’s most important to us is that the person who gets to lead your child is kind, compassionate, energetic, and is never afraid of acting like a dinosaur monkey (yes, those are a thing when you’re dealing with preschoolers!).
  2. Listening Skills – For the love of all things parenthood, you need your child to develop those listening skills! And notice I said, “develop.” Like other life skills, listening must be practiced for a child to learn and use it. We incorporate these skills in almost every activity. Use our activities at home to reinforce skills (can we get an amen?!).
  3. Gross Motor Skills – At this age, your child must practice gross motor movements for daily living and soccer. This includes running, jumping, coordination, body awareness, and more. Your child gets to practice these skills in every class!
  4. Friends! (for you and them!) – For many of our players, Tiny Troops classes are their first interaction with other kids and adults. Our interactive classes are the perfect way for your child to socialize in a group and build bonds. It also provides an opportunity for you to make some adult connections. Win-win!
  5. Outdoor Play – Yes, that good old-fashioned outdoor play (Remember riding your bike and catching fireflies after dark with your friends?)
  6. And last but not least, SOCCER! – Our coaching staff has played in leagues from age 2 to the professional leagues. (Check out more about our Director here.) Our activities teach the foundational skills needed to be successful. We are not trying to build the next Lionel Messi, but we can guarantee your child will be on the right path! 

coach with group of children

Getting your child involved has never been easier!

Join us on the field today and see how Tiny Troops Soccer benefits your child. Find schedules and more information at www.tinytroopssoccer.com. We can’t wait to see you!


Amy Schweizer is the Founder and Director of Tiny Troops Soccer. She loves creating physical activity programs that benefit the overall well-being of military children, families, and the surrounding communities. Amy is also a passionate advocate for military spouse employment. She has recently published her first book – “I Will Be Okay – Adventures of a Military Kid”, and was selected as the 2021 Inspirational Leader of the Year by The Rosie Network.