About Tiny Troops Soccer

Our Mission

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To serve military children and their friends while teaching the great game of soccer. We strive to bring a safe, fun, and playful activity into your child’s life that instills in them a sense of importance, self-worth, camaraderie, and a love for soccer to carry on into every adventure where life takes them.

The Tiny Troops Difference

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We are building a global community of active, healthy children who are equipped to deal with the stressors of military life. We are proud to have served over  25,000 military children + friends. Tiny Troops Soccer has employed over 750 military spouses & dependents. Each of our locations fosters a fun, safe, and silly environment where kids can develop and grow in the following areas: gross motor skills, socialization, communication, physical fitness, and imagination.

At Tiny Troops We Build

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Happy & Confident Kids

Your child will thrive in an encouraging and supportive environment where they will gain confidence and enjoy fun activities.

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A Community for Friends

We want everyone to find a support system and camaraderie through Tiny Troops Soccer. Your child will learn how to thrive in a group setting of peers. You will meet other parents in the same stage of life.   

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Developmentally Ready Soccer Players

Play-based activities that develop the foundational skills needed to progress on the field.