Our History

The Tiny Troops Soccer Timeline

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Where we've come from and where we are going - together!

  • Little Strikers - The Beginning

    In 2014, Little Strikers was developed into a high-level program for children by Founder and Director Amy Schweizer. The program was only available in Okinawa, Japan. At the time, there were very few activities for children under 5. Her vision combined her love of soccer, the desire for her little boys to engage in physical activity and socialize with peers, and the pursuit of a career in sports. As the participant level grew, Coach Amy added additional coaches, which further spurred her passion for military spouse employment.

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    Tiny Troops U.S.

    As coaches began to PCS from Okinawa (aka move), they recognized the need for fun, physical activities for young ones near all military installations. Little Strikers was rebranded as Tiny Troops Soccer and began in California. It then spread to other military installations across the United States. Trooper the Lion was created as the mascot. Amy had a distinct vision in mind when creating the program mascot. “I wanted our Tiny Troopers to have a friend they can snuggle or play with whenever they wanted (or needed!).” She chose the lion because it represents confidence and strength. They also like to make friends – just like our Tiny Troopers! 

  • Tiny Troops Goes Global!

    As of 2023, Tiny Troops has run near 50 military installations in 17 states and three countries. You can find Tiny Troops Soccer programs in the United States and Japan. We aim to be the premier toddler and preschool soccer program for military installations worldwide. Our program has always strived to differ from similar toddler and preschool programsCoined as “The Tiny Troops Difference,” it can be summed up in one sentence: We are building a global community of active, healthy children equipped to deal with the stressors of military life