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Program Policies & Information

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Use the menus below to view our policies and waivers for Tiny Troops Soccer.

Equipment Requirements & Guidelines 

Bring all items listed below to each class!

  1. Size 3 soccer ball. Please visibly mark it with your child's name.
  2. Closed-toe shoes - All players must wear closed-toe shoes (sneakers or cleats). Shin guards are optional for 1- 4 year old's. 4.5-5-year-old Advanced Skills players must have shin guards and cleats.
  3. Water - Hydrate the night before, as well as before, during, and after the class. Your Coach will have water bottles on hand if your child doesn't have theirs, so ask if needed. Please do not give snacks to your child during the class.
  4. Dress appropriately! Please wear proper clothing for the weather and bring a towel in case of rain. Sunscreen is recommended for players.

Weather Notification/Cancellation

Soccer is a rain-or-shine outdoor sport. Classes will run as scheduled as long as conditions are safe for play. Each coach checks the field and weather conditions before the start of classes. Families will be contacted if dangerous conditions force a class to be rescheduled. Tiny Troops Soccer sends notifications via email and the LeagueApps mobile app. Be sure to download the app: Android HERE and iOS HERE

*If a class is rescheduled, parents will receive Makeup class information via email & the LeagueApps app.

Automatic Tuition Authorization 

Tuition is paid every 8 weeks. 2023 tuition due dates are 12/15/2023, 02/15/2023, 04/15/2023, 06/15/2023, 08/15/2023, and 10/15/2023.

*When enrolling in classes, you will pay the current tuition fee and be automatically enrolled in autopay for the remaining tuition payments.

** You can stop or cancel your membership anytime by completing the cancellation form on our website.

*** No cancellations will be accepted/refunded in the middle of a tuition period.

Auto-Pay: All fees are paid by automatic debit, credit card, or bank payment. The tuition fee will be debited/charged on the fifteenth. Charges will appear from Tiny Tot Sports, LLC, or our DBA Tiny Troops Soccer. We will charge a $35 NSF fee for returned payments for insufficient funds or declined payments. Your 2023 membership ends in December. All memberships conclude, and no further charges will be made to your account. You must start a new membership for your player to enroll for 2024.

Late Fee: If your payment is declined, you will have three (3) days* to submit proper payment before your child is removed from next month's roster. *All fees must be paid by the 24th, even if the declined date is less than three days from then.

Cancel/Refunds: To cancel membership/remove your child before the next tuition collection date, you must fill out the cancellation form on our website. Please see cancellation cutoffs below.

Cancellation cutoffs are as follows:

The 02/15 tuition fee: cancellations must be submitted no later than 02/13/2023

The 04/15 tuition fee: cancellations must be submitted no later than 04/13/2023

The 06/15 tuition fee: cancellations must be submitted no later than 06/13/2023

The 08/15 tuition fee: cancellations must be submitted no later than 08/13/2023

The 10/15 tuition fee: cancellations must be submitted no later than 10/13/2023

To cancel your membership, you may submit a cancellation form HERE anytime. 

Please note that we will remove your player AFTER the final class of the current tuition period. No refunds/cancellations will be provided in the middle of a tuition cycle.

*Classes with less than five players may be canceled, combined, or rescheduled at TTS's discretion.

Memberships can be canceled by visiting this link. This form can be submitted at any time. Cancellations submitted between 03/03 and 04/13 will cancel your membership and remove your player from the May classes onward. No refunds will be given once the current tuition period begins.

Have a question about your subscription? We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Please email us at info@tinytroopssoccer.com, and we promise to get back to you as soon as we are able to do so.


Tiny Troops Soccer reserves the right to provide an assistant coach if the primary coach is ill or unable to lead classes. If a coach is ill and an assistant coach cannot be arranged, the class will be made up according to our make-up policies.
Tiny Troops Soccer may cancel, combine, or reschedule classes with fewer than 5 players.

Behavior Policy

If your child has an issue participating or leaves the field, it is your responsibility to help the child participate appropriately. Issues participating include but are not limited to: (listening, and keeping hands to him/herself). Please limit your time on the field to an as-needed basis so as not to interfere with the class.
A child must have a parent participate with them during every 2-year-old Parent and Me class.


We will use email and the LeagueApps app for all communication. Please join the Parents Group (click here), and follow it for information. If you have any questions, please send our business page a FB message.
*We will post pictures and videos from classes on our Facebook page. If you do not want you or your child's picture on our page or other publications/videos, please state that at sign-up. All pictures and videos taken are the property of Tiny Troops Soccer, with full rights for usage as necessary by Tiny Troops Soccer.
*By signing up for classes, you agree to adhere to these Policies and the Liability Waiver & Release of All Claims and Assumptions of Risk.

For PDF copies of all of our program waivers, please click the link below. Each of these waivers is also shown during the enrollment process. By enrolling your child, you agree to the contents of each waiver.

Automatic Tuition Waiver

Waiver and Release of All Claims and Assumptions of Risk

Waiver for Injury, Loss, & Communicable Diseases (COVID-19)

Photo Release

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