Your Child's Best Soccer Adventure

For Military Kids (& their friends!)

Little Kicks Lead to BIG Goals!

Step into the exciting world of Tiny Troops Soccer – where soccer meets fun and learning! Our program is tailor-made for your little ones aged 2 to 4 years old. Run by military spouses and parents like you, we're not just another soccer program; we're a community that understands your unique needs.

Skilled & Passionate Coaches

Specially trained coaches will guide your child through the world of soccer. We keep our groups small, ensuring that every child gets the attention they deserve. It's more than soccer; it's a personalized experience.

It's a Monthly Soccer Adventure

Our classes are a monthly adventure! Each registration includes three action-packed in-person classes with an awesome coach. But there's more! You also get a bonus LIVE virtual session with our coaching staff. Our interactive sessions are a blend of play and learning. Your child will make lots of friends, develop basic soccer skills, enhance gross motor skills, and build their listening skills in an engaging way!

Community & Friends

Tiny Troops Soccer isn't just about scoring goals; it's about scoring lifelong buddies. Picture your child dribbling into a squad of smiling faces, kicking off friendships that will last a lifetime. And for you, dear families, it's not just a game—it's the secret sauce to crafting your own community, a powerhouse of support ready to tackle any parenting curveball life throws your way.

Registration is a Snap

We keep it simple with a membership-based registration. When you sign up, you'll agree to our Automatic Payment Authorization. Your fees will be deducted from your card on the 15th of each month for the upcoming classes. If you ever need to take a break or cancel your membership, it's a breeze. Simply fill out our cancellation form between the  7th and 13th of the month before you wish to cancel. 

Now is the Time to Begin an Amazing Soccer Journey!

Tiny Troops Soccer is more than just a soccer program; it's a community where learning and fun go hand in hand. Join us on this exciting journey, and let's kickstart your child's soccer adventure today!