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We are proud to showcase and feature content for parents of our Tiny Troopers. Read on to learn the latest physical activities you can do at home with your toddler or preschooler. Learn more about soccer, child development, and personal stories from our coaches and staff.  Whether it's helping your little one to adjust to playing soccer for the first time, a fun craft, or a delicious treat, we've got you covered! We strive to provide quality blog content for all parents and guardians. 

Growing Up Military: 3 Tips I Would Give My Younger Self

“Bloom where you are planted.” “Military Brat.”  Do either sound familiar? I spent 23 years as a military child, and these are just a few things I wish I could tell my younger self and those who are now walking in those same footsteps.  Advice to my Younger Self Embrace each new experience. New schools,…

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Help! My Child Refuses to Play Soccer

It’s finally here- Soccer Saturday! Your little one has been looking forward to going to soccer. Since you signed them up, they’ve kicked the ball around at home and talked about soccer. But when you arrive… tears. Tears and more tears. And your little one refuses to do anything! Does this scenario sound familiar to…

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3 Little Known Secrets about Our Stellar Coaching Staff

Do you want your child to learn soccer fundamentals from the best coaches? Do you want them to learn, thrive, AND have fun at the same time? At Tiny Troops Soccer, we strive to have a top-notch coaching staff. This sets us apart from other developmental soccer programs. Here are 3 ways we set ourselves…

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Is Your Child Using Their Listening Ears?

Have you ever listened to yourself saying the following: “Stop!” “Don’t do that!” “Please wait!” We’ve all said these things, and somehow our little ones didn’t hear them. Selective hearing, perhaps? Or maybe they truly didn’t hear us. But even when they do hear us, are they listening? I can tell you my 11-year-old isn’t.…

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6 ways Tiny Troops Soccer benefits your child

6 Ways Tiny Troops Soccer Benefits Your Child

Are you looking for the right sports program for your child? Have you tried other programs only to walk away disappointed? At Tiny Troops Soccer, your child will fall in love with playing, being outdoors, and the great game of soccer!  Our program is the best fit for your child. We are staffed with individuals…

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! (You Need to Get Moving!)

The middle of winter is upon us, and for many of our Tiny Troopers, that means cold winds and low temperatures in their location. If you are anything like me, it makes me want to stay inside under a warm, cozy blanket, watching my favorite movies. Hot cocoa is a plus! It is hard to…

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More Time on Soccer Island? Yes Please!

We love spending time with our Tiny Troopers on Soccer Island! Not only do we get the honor of teaching and watching them experience the best sport in the world, but we also learn about their favorite toys and TV shows and, most importantly, get to see their joy when mastering a new skill. Being…

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soccer coach child's first teacher banner

A Soccer Coach – Your Child’s First Teacher

If you talk to a youth soccer coach, you’ll find that they are passionate about more things than just soccer. Yes, we love the game, but we always love sharing that passion with others. We want to teach others to play, just as we learned ourselves. You’ll also find a genuinely invested person in positively…

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The Big Day: What to Expect During Your Player’s First Month on the Field

It’s happening, the Big Day, your player’s first-ever soccer session! The excitement is infectious, and you can’t wait to see your player in their first organized sport, and your player has been talking about soccer since the day you signed them up and got them a ball.  But do our toddlers know what to expect…

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Indoor Boredom Stoppers

Up until recently, I lived in Arizona, and right now, it is HOT HOT HOT. I always tried to stay inside, enjoying the AC as much as possible. So if you’re like I was, you may be doing the same. This sounds like a fantastic idea. But trying to entertain your little ones indoors all…

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Backyard Playtime: DIY Obstacle Course

Help your toddlers and preschoolers beat boredom with their own DIY obstacle course in the backyard. Many of these items can be found cheaply at the dollar store or Amazon or can be created from other objects. Obstacle courses are a great way to challenge your gross motor skills. We use this activity at the…

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Traveling with Littles

Being in a military family means having to learn to get good at traveling a lot. Whether it’s moving or going to visit family, it seems we’re always on the move. I’m a new mom with a three-month-old, and we recently took a quick flight to visit family. Thankfully, our daughter did great on the…

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