Baby, It’s Cold Outside! (You Need to Get Moving!)

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The middle of winter is upon us, and for many of our Tiny Troopers, that means cold winds and low temperatures in their location. If you are anything like me, it makes me want to stay inside under a warm, cozy blanket, watching my favorite movies. Hot cocoa is a plus! It is hard to get moving outdoors when the weather isn’t pleasant.

Although you must dress appropriately for the weather, your little one (and you!) must get moving outside during the winter. According to, “Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, keeps you healthy. While there are a limited number of foods that can provide your body with vitamin D, the easiest source is from exposure of bare skin to sunlight. Sunshine makes strong bones and muscles, looks after your skin, and keeps your immune system strong. Additionally, being active outdoors can maintain your health during flu season. Regular exercise strengthens your immune system so it can fight off the flu. When you exercise and get your blood pumping, immune cells circulate more quickly, helping them seek and destroy infections.” 

If snow isn’t a factor, but colder weather is, it’s a great time to bundle up and take a ball outside to kick around. Winter walks are also a great way to get moving and admire nature. Unlike bears, we want to ensure we can still stay active during this time.

While most Tiny Troops locations take a break during the winter months due to a lack of indoor options to play, we still want your Tiny Trooper to stay active! Check out our Play-at-Home Pack, a comprehensive kit with more than 35 pieces + 20 activity ideas for self-guided or parent-led play! It’s a great deal for only $47 plus shipping. You can purchase your own kit here.

Button up, grab some warm shoes, head outdoors, and get moving (we’ll see you there!).

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Amy Schweizer is the Founder and Director of Tiny Troops Soccer. She loves creating physical activity programs that benefit the overall well-being of military children, families, and the surrounding communities. Amyhe is also a passionate advocate for military spouse employment. She has recently published her first book – “I Will Be Okay – Adventures of a Military Kid”, and was selected as the 2021 Inspirational Leader of the Year by The Rosie Network.