3 Little Known Secrets about Our Stellar Coaching Staff

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Do you want your child to learn soccer fundamentals from the best coaches?

Do you want them to learn, thrive, AND have fun at the same time?

At Tiny Troops Soccer, we strive to have a top-notch coaching staff. This sets us apart from other developmental soccer programs. Here are 3 ways we set ourselves apart with a stellar coaching staff! 

coaching staff patrick and kids

  1. Our interviews are silly! We have serious questions to gauge an applicant’s professionalism and commitment, but we also have fun! Having fun and being silly is such a huge part of coaching with Tiny Troops. We give our applicants a chance to show us their silly side. We have all applicants read the funny book by BJ Novak, The Book With No Pictures. We encourage our applicants to read it as if they were reading to a group of 2-4-year-olds, not a couple of other adults. The goofier the applicant is, the better! This ensures that our Coaches can forget there are other adults around them on Soccer Island. They can be in the moment with the kids, having fun, and being silly.
  2. Many of our Coaches have extensive experience with children in other settings.  We have former teachers, current teachers, daycare workers, nannies, babysitters, and parents on staff as Coaches. We love to hire coaches with significant experience working with our particular age group of players – toddlers ages 2-4. Our Coaches are well-equipped to manage whatever your child may throw at them!
  3. All Coaches have specialized Field Training. We have 3 Coach Trainers to help provide our coaches with the best training and support. Before new coaches take the field, they have Field Training to practice leading a class. They run through a class as if players were present. Coaches work out nerves, practice game descriptions, and learn tips and tricks from our Coach Trainers. Classes run better as a result.

Our coaches work so hard. We are so proud of all they have achieved on our Soccer Islands all over the United States and Japan. We love to hear from parents like you about how grateful they are for their coach’s patience and positive relationship with their child. Love your coach? Let them know! And let us know here. We love to hear about all the good things our coaches are doing.

Are you interested in joining our coaching staff? Click here to learn more about a career with Tiny Troops Soccer!

annie burton


Annie Burton is the Director of Coaching for Tiny Troops Soccer. She began as a coach at our Fort Campbell location before transitioning into her current position. Annie has a passion for youth soccer and coaching, and uses it to help train our coaches, both new and experienced.