Indoor Boredom Stoppers

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Up until recently, I lived in Arizona, and right now, it is HOT HOT HOT. I always tried to stay inside, enjoying the AC as much as possible. So if you’re like I was, you may be doing the same. This sounds like a fantastic idea. But trying to entertain your little ones indoors all day can be challenging. Boredom can set in. Here are three ideas for indoor boredom stoppers to keep your little ones entertained and using their imaginations.
  • Raceway Fun: Make a raceway. Get painter’s tape and make a course on the floor for cars, animals, and toys to race on. Get creative and have it go all over – up the stairs, under the table, and over the couch! The bigger, the better to wear your little ones out. Give them ways they might get more creative with it. They can create a place for stuffed animals to watch the race. They can also add scenery around the edges of the track. Record a video of them racing their cars, animals, etc.

    balloons indoor boredom stopper

  • Balloon Bounce: Grab some balloons. Balloons are the best to keep around the house. You can do so much with them, and kids love them! Blow a few up and try not to let them touch the ground like Keepy Uppy in Bluey. Use them like soccer balls and giggle as they go every which way. Use baskets to make goals to keep them into, or as a hoop to toss them into. Tape them by a string to the ceiling, and try your hand at boxing! Make sure to put them away when finished, so that little ones don’t put small pieces in their mouths if they pop. 

    treasure hunt indoor boredom stopper

  • Treasure Hunt: Grab some small toys and deem them “treasure.” (Marbles, coins, legos, etc.) Then hide them around your house. Once they are hidden, tell your kids they are pirates and have to find the treasure all around the house! The better you hide them, the longer they will be entertained. Encourage them to dress the part of a pirate for their hunt. You could even help them make little binoculars out of toilet paper rolls to help them. Kids can then hide them for you or draw a treasure map to help others find the hidden treasure. The possibilities are endless!
I hope you and your littles enjoy these indoor boredom stoppers! Get creative and have fun. What are some of your go-to stay-at-home activities?

annie burton
Annie Burton is the Director of Coaching for Tiny Troops Soccer. She began as a coach at our Fort Campbell location before transitioning into her current position. Annie has a passion for youth soccer and coaching, and uses it to help train our coaches, both new and experienced.