Early Childhood Development: Five Reasons Why Tiny Troops Soccer is Important

early childhood development

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Playing sports is an excellent way to keep kids happy and healthy. Exposing children to sports, like soccer, at a young age is a great benefit to their overall development. Tiny Troops Soccer does this, with programs for both toddler and preschool soccer.

Sports can teach a variety of things such as resilience, leadership, accountability, respect and patience, which can benefit everyone young and old. Playing soccer has many teaching benefits such as camaraderie, unity, and brings benefits to both young and old. The most important contribution of being introduced to sports is the benefits to the mental and physical development of children.

Here are five reasons Tiny Troops Soccer is important to your Tiny Trooper’s early childhood development:


1- Staying active promotes healthy living.

Research has proven that playing sports from a young age could decrease the chances of contracting serious medical conditions like diabetes, weak bones, and problems with blood pressure later in life (Cote, Horton, Macdonald, & Wilkes, 2009).


2- Exercise can relieve stress.

We all know our Tiny Troopers are resilient. However, they are also at risk for experiencing high stress levels, especially when a parent deploys or is away for an extended period of time. When a child stays active, they are effectively managing their levels of stress without even realizing it!

young soccer players in masks with coach. text reads what makes Tiny Troops Soccer different?


3- Team sports keep Tiny Troopers occupied.

Another benefit of Tiny Troops Soccer and other organized sports is the stability and sense of community it creates and provides. Soccer gives children something to look forward to every weekend.


4- Physical activity can improve academic performance.

Participating in soccer from a young age can have a strong link to improved academic performance and overall cognitive development over time.

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Studies have shown that participating in soccer creates better test scores, positive attitudes, increased opportunities to excel outside of the classroom, and an increase in manners and attention spans in children (Cote, Horton, Macdonald, & Wilkes, 2009).

5- Soccer builds character.

Skills taught and learned during a Tiny Troops Soccer session contribute greatly to the overall development of a child through play and physical activity. Some key values that can be developed through soccer are honesty, teamwork, commitment, having respect for others, and understanding the rules of the game.

Playing soccer has the potential to affect children’s lives in positive ways. Playing sports, especially soccer, can help support both mental and physical health. We look forward to seeing your Tiny Troopers on Soccer Island!

girl sitting on soccer ball with back to camera early childhood development


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Blair is the Administrative Assistant for Tiny Troops Soccer. She brings her passion for child development and technology skills to her role, and is a valued member of the team. She’s also an advocate for Autism and Cystic Fibrosis, volunteering for events when she can.