Craft Time: Traveling Letter

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These days, toddlers and preschoolers often experience loved ones being far away or deployed. It can be very hard for them to understand why they can’t see this person, or why they are away. This craft is a cute way to send a thoughtful reminder to those loved ones to always remind them they are loved and missed. It’s very simple to do and makes a wonderful activity to do with your toddler or preschooler. Join me in creating on this edition of Craft Time: Traveling Letter.

For this activity, you will need the following materials:
– 8.5×11 paper, or light-colored construction paper
– Crayons
– A marker or Sharpie
– Glue
– Scissors
– Envelope and stamp
Directions to make a Traveling Letter:

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Begin with a sheet of plain 8.5×11 paper. Using light colored construction paper is also an option. Let the child use the crayons to decorate and draw designs on the paper to their heart’s content. Once completed, set this paper aside.
Next, take another sheet of colored paper. Make sure it is not the same color as used for the step above. You want this part to stand out! Trace the child’s hands, or trace their feet, whichever the child prefers. Then the adult should then cut out the traced design for the child. If the child is able to use safety scissors, let them assist with the cutting. Make sure there is adult supervision.
Place the hands or feet on the paper the child colored. Let the toddler or preschooler choose their placement if they’d like. Make sure to leave space at the bottom of the sheet for the letter that goes with it. An adult can place glue on the back of the prints, and let the child press it onto the paper. After that, make sure to give time to dry before placing it into an envelope. You don’t want it to stick to it!
Finally, the adult writes the letter that goes with the hand or footprints. Marker and Sharpies work well. Let the child choose the color for the writing. As you write the letter, say what you are writing out loud for the child. See the image below for an example. Feel free to create your own version of the letter as well. Once written, make sure to let the child sign their name to the bottom, and add the date.
Here are some other options to pick from for the letter:
– My (hands/feet) are oh so small, but they have traveled very far just to be with you!
– These are my (hands/feet) and though they are very small, they have traveled all this way just to see you!
finished traveling letter with feet prints
Finally, all that’s left to do is get an envelope and send this masterpiece to a loved one. Little ones love helping send mail at this age, so let them take the envelope to the mailbox to send it off on a big journey. Happy crafting!

rachel Moravec
Rachel Moravec is the coach for Fort Bragg and the Technology Specialist for Tiny Troops Soccer. She brings her experience with children and working in the education sector to Tiny Troops Soccer. She’s always up for learning something new, and also enjoys helping her Tiny Troopers to grow and learn!