Help! My Child Refuses to Play Soccer

It’s finally here- Soccer Saturday! Your little one has been looking forward to going to soccer. Since you signed them up, they’ve kicked the ball around at home and talked about soccer. But when you arrive… tears. Tears and more tears. And your little one refuses to do anything! Does this scenario sound familiar to…

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Is Your Child Using Their Listening Ears?

Have you ever listened to yourself saying the following: “Stop!” “Don’t do that!” “Please wait!” We’ve all said these things, and somehow our little ones didn’t hear them. Selective hearing, perhaps? Or maybe they truly didn’t hear us. But even when they do hear us, are they listening? I can tell you my 11-year-old isn’t.…

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6 Ways Tiny Troops Soccer Benefits Your Child

6 ways Tiny Troops Soccer benefits your child

Are you looking for the right sports program for your child? Have you tried other programs only to walk away disappointed? At Tiny Troops Soccer, your child will fall in love with playing, being outdoors, and the great game of soccer!  Our program is the best fit for your child. We are staffed with individuals…

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A Soccer Coach – Your Child’s First Teacher

soccer coach child's first teacher banner

If you talk to a youth soccer coach, you’ll find that they are passionate about more things than just soccer. Yes, we love the game, but we always love sharing that passion with others. We want to teach others to play, just as we learned ourselves. You’ll also find a genuinely invested person in positively…

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Bringing Soccer to Those with Special Needs

bringing soccer to those with special needs

Disclaimer: The views in this blog were prepared and accomplished by Blair Larch in her personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author’s own and do not reflect the views of other special needs participants. Tiny Troops Soccer is an inclusive program that welcomes families with children of all abilities, however,…

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