More Time on Soccer Island? Yes Please!

More Time on Soccer Island

We love spending time with our Tiny Troopers on Soccer Island! Not only do we get the honor of teaching and watching them experience the best sport in the world, but we also learn about their favorite toys and TV shows and, most importantly, get to see their joy when mastering a new skill. Being a coach truly is the best job!

We always strive to serve our Tiny Troopers to the best of our ability, and who better to ask than you! We asked for feedback on your experience with us a while back and received great insight into what your Tiny Troopers need on the field and how we can ensure our soccer sessions meet your expectations. The most common feedback we heard is that you and your Tiny Troopers want to participate for longer than just a month at a time, more scrimmages/teamwork-based activities and that you prefer to pay bi-monthly. We heard you and are excited to roll out those changes in 2023!

What’s New for 2023?

  • 6 Developmental Soccer Classes per enrollment! That’s right; your player will now get 6 classes each enrollment period. This means they will have more time with the coach and their fellow Tiny Troopers. We know it can take little ones time to adjust on the field. This new change will help keep things consistent for your player.
  • Subscription payments bi-monthly! Due to the 6 class per session change, families will pay subscription fees bi-monthly. This means just 6 subscription installments in 2023! No more monthly subscription installments. A concise payment schedule will be available on our website and registration form.
  • Enhanced Lesson Plans! Due to the extended enrollment periods, we will implement more teamwork-based drills to help players thrive in scrimmages.

Additionally, pre-scheduled makeup dates will be emailed to you each session, and there will be no classes on major holiday weekends throughout the year. Win-win!

2023 changes tiny troops soccer

Overall, our goal for 2023 is to enhance each player’s experience on the field while making it easier for you, as the parent, to enroll in our 2023 subscriptions.  We are a year-round program, and each class your player attends helps them grow and develop into well-rounded soccer players with an added bonus of gross motor development and listening skills! Just like your local dance, karate, or tae kwon do studio, you now have access to us year-round.


We’re looking forward to serving your family in 2023! See you on Soccer Island.

– The Tiny Troops Soccer Team