Haley Davies

Administrative Assistant & Camp Lejeune Coach


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Meet Haley, a devoted USMC spouse for the past nine years and a lifelong member of the military community, having grown up as the daughter of a Marine. Despite the ever-changing military lifestyle, soccer has been a constant source of stability and passion in her life since she began playing at the tender age of four. Her love for the sport inspired her to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with a focus on Sport Psychology. Haley’s journey with Tiny Troops started as a coach at our Camp Lejeune/Jacksonville location, where she was determined to create a secure and nurturing environment for our little ones, including her own child, as they navigate life’s milestones and transitions. Recently, Haley joined our administrative team as an administrative assistant, and she remains committed to making Soccer Island an exciting and loving place for all our soccer superstars.