Megan Ehrman

Social Media Assistant & Coach Trainer


Rainbow dotted

Megan has been an Army Spouse for five years now, with her husband Tom currently serving on Active Duty for the US Army, and they currently call Kansas home. Before that, Megan traveled and lived in many places because her father served Active Duty Army for 23 years. She is a mother to a wonderfully brilliant little girl and a fur Mom to three four-legged friends: Famous, Tobi, and Crockett. Before working with Tiny Troops, Megan spent years in the classroom environment within both preschool and special education settings. She started with Tiny Troops Soccer as a Coach at Fort Benning/Columbus, Georgia, in the fall of 2022, after enrolling her daughter as a 2year old Tiny Trooper there. Today she works within our Social Media and Coach Training positions. Megan enjoys reading, crafting, traveling, and exploring new places during her free time. Her favorite weekends are spent with her family and visiting local coffee shops and/or family-owned restaurants. During the fall, you can find her cheering on the Dallas Cowboys or the Cincinnati Bengals.

Additionally, Megan always looks forward to the holiday season and traveling when possible to visit home and spend quality time with her family and their loved ones after spending most of the year apart. One thing you can always count on if you come across Megan is that she will either make you laugh with a silly joke or at least try to leave you with a smile. Some of Megan’s favorite parts of working with Tiny Troops Soccer include serving and empowering our Coaching staff, Tiny Troopers, and their families.